Kitty Knight Ventures Ltd is the parent company of a diversified family of businesses providing science education, advising and coaching for medical professionals, business organization and related services for small businesses and nonprofits, publishing, and website support services for SOHO businesses and individuals.

Science Education

We believe that everyone can – and should – learn science…
…and we want to make it fun and enjoyable to do so.
At Dr-Hill.education, we provide high school and college level lectures that you can watch at your own pace to learn more about science and technology.
Wallaby Laboratories creates engaging and interactive models for self-study, homeschooling, and/or classroom use.

Pre-Licensure Medical Advising

The United States is facing a medical crisis: a profound shortage of physicians that is projected to get even worse over the next decade.
Solution: Train and qualify more physicians across all medical specialties
Residency Application Support Services provides advising and coaching services to US medical students and to international physicians (IMG's) seeking US medical residencies and fellowships in order to practice medicine in the United States.

Business Services

Dr Hill has been a Registered Agent in various states since 1984.
Canterbury Financial Services now assists individuals and businesses to create Texas-based corporations, LLC's, and nonprofit organizations.
Dr Hill is also a sworn Notary Public for the State of Texas, and he is registered as a tax preparer with the US Internal Revenue Service.

Science Publishing

Archipelago Publishing is an independent publisher of science textbooks and learning aids along with novels for several private authors.

Internet Services

KittyNet is the IT solutions provider for the Kitty Knight family of companies.
Additionally, since 1995, KittyNet has been a trusted provider of domain name management and DNS, managed hosting, website design, and technology consulting for SOHO businesses and individuals.

About Us

Kitty Knight Ventures Ltd is the parent holding company for the business ventures of Duane P Hill PhD.  Its variety reflects the diversity of his professional interests, skills, and experience.
Across all of our businesses, our objective is to provide exceptional – and often unique – products and services for the needs of those we serve.

Photo - Duane P Hill PhD

Our Companies

Science Education Publishing

Archipelago Publishing

Natural Science Lectures


Website Support Services


Medical Residency Coaching

Residency Application Support Services

Science Models and Kits

Wallaby Laboratories